Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation Insurance : There are several types of businesses which might force employees to work in situations. Which may be harmful to them. Construction workers or mine diggers are the chief example of employments. Where there is a very high risk of getting accidentally injured. Accidents are also not the only harmful element in some lines of work. The employees may even be at risk for contracting a terminal illness due to work environment. Such as, a chemist working for a pharmaceutical company on the cure for a viral disease. May find himself infected along the way.

The types of risk scenarios are so many. They cannot possibly be listed in a limited space such as this.

Despite following all the regulations, and implementing all possible safety measures. The chances of bodily harm are still great.

General liability Insurance

Therefore, Worker’s Compensation Insurance allows you to pay for the medical bills or lost wages to the employees. Who have suffered from work-related injuries, illness or diseases.

The benefits employees get vary upon the severity of their situation.

Types of Workers Compensation Insurance Benefits

  • Death Benefits; these are paid to the family or the designated person. By those who succumb to death on or by the job.
  • Income Benefits; these are paid to compensate a portion of lost wages. That an employee may suffer from.
  • Medical Benefits; these are paid to cover medical expenses. For those employees who suffer physical injuries in the line of work.
  • Burial Benefits; as the name suggests these are paid to cover the expenses of a funeral for a deceased employee.

Conditions where Worker’s Compensation is inapplicable

If the Injuries:

  • That an employee receives are intentional or self-inflicted.
  • Result from willful negligence.
  • Received are due to drug or alcohol intake.
  • Are inflicted on an employee by a third party which are unrelated to work, even if it happens on the job premises.
  • Are received from off-duty activities, such as sports or other recreational pursuits.
  • If an “Act of God” such as a flood or a hurricane is responsible for bodily harm.

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