Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance is a coverage of a vehicle. It is registered for work usage of an individual. There are a variety of businesses around the world which require the use of a professional vehicle. Transport of people as well as goods counts as one such business. FedEx is an institution which requires the use of trucks, bikes, cars, cranes, boats, ships, helicopters and airplanes. Banks and such financial institutions require trucks and armored vehicles to transport money. Many people use small kitchen built in trucks to sell hot dogs, ice creams and such items of food on the streets. Even the army cannot function without extensive use of almost every kind of vehicle. Including some not so conventional vehicles, such as a submarine or a hot air balloon.

Commercial Auto Insurance Entail

It is imperative for such businesses to get the services of a reputed insurance provider agency for the coverage of your business vehicles. Such an insurance can cover liability, collision, comprehensive, medical payments. Accidents can almost never avoided. You will rarely ever find a person who is a regular user of conveyances. And has never experienced even a minor accident. The damage from a collision can result in your vehicle to collapse, damage the cargo, injure the riders or the passersby, damage to the nearby property or even death.

All such incidents are covered with all the details. They can add any potential eventuality in the written agreement for your commercial auto insurance progressive. If a claim against you or your business is made. Such as by a customer with destroyed cargo, or a passerby who was an unlucky victim of your accident; Health insurance providers can handle them.

The Risks and Damages

  • An auto disaster can expose your business to unhealthy exposure.
  • It can put your assets at such risks. It is avoidable if some small precautions were taken.
  • Even if you yourself were not the one driving the vehicle when the disaster struck. Even if you were not in the state itself, as the business owner. You may even find yourself personally liable without the right insurance policy.
  • A loss of cars, vans, trucks or any specialty vehicles can also hinder your business operations. And hurt business relationships with your hard-won clientele.
  • Accidents can potentially damage your reputation.
  • They can put in question your concern for employee and public safety.

What We Offer

SG Financial is the Best Commercial Auto Insurance Provider Companies in Dallas, Texas. We offer multitudes of services which vary from package to package and customer. The customer in question can chose from our pre existing packages. Or they can customize the existing packages to suit their own needs as they see fit. We offer extra protection to your business at little or virtually none extra commercial auto insurance cost, which include;

Hired Auto Physical Damage:
  • We can insure your hired or borrowed vehicles for physical damage up to 100,000$ in lieu of Business Auto Insurance. You must ensure these vehicles have liability coverage though.
Lease Coverage:

If there is a discrepancy in the amount owed to the lease holder and the actual value of the vehicle. We can help cover it for you.

Electronic Equipment Coverage:

We offer to cover any electronic equipment or tools that are part of your vehicles. Such as, GPS tracker, Camera or a DVD player and speakers. This damage can be covered up to 1500$.

Efficiency in Claims:

We can have teams ready to mobilize at your location in case of a crisis. Any issues can be fully dealt with onsite. These issues may include disputes or claims. Or they can also help cover the immediate costs for injuries or physical damage.

Special Packages for Fleet carriers:

The business owners which use fleet of vehicles. Such as a limo service or a cargo delivery service, can be offered special discount services.

Risk Assessment:

We can offer an assessment of the drivers that you must hire. Also check their backgrounds for you to ensure they have clean records and are reliable. We can also formulate strategies which will not only pin point the root causes of accidents. But also a solution assessment.

3D Driving

We can offer the services of a 3D simulator to train your fleet drivers. Before they have to set foot on the road.

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