When Do You Need Mobile Home Insurance and What Does It Cover?

The factories or foundries are typically responsible for making manufactured homes. The manufactured houses are commonly called “mobile homes”. These homes are not much different than a single built single-family home. Yet, they have the advantage of allowing the owner to move them to any chosen location. The owner can choose to live in such a home all the year round. Or they can also keep them as a seasonal or vacational/adventure home. Nevertheless, the protection is bought for this just like for a regular house. Mobile home insurance would provide coverage for a mobile home.

Coverage Parameters for Mobile Home Insurance

The coverage parameters for mobile home insurance are similar to a typical homeowner’s insurance policy. They offer coverage for your mobile home, personal property and liability claims. Typically, there are two basic coverages in this policy. These coverages are for physical damages and personal liability. Such as;

1. Physical Structure and Contents

Your mobile home might suffer from physical damages from various dangers, such as fire, theft, storm, flood, vandalism etc. The mobile home insurance will cover for replacement in such an instant. If there are additional structures on your mobile home, such as patio, garage; they will be covered as well. This coverage will also include your personal belongings. There are some exclusions in the policy like every other policy. You must check in with your insurance agent to confirm which exclusions there are.

2. Liability

Mobile home insurance usually includes the liability coverage. This provision provides coverage for an injury suffered in your home. It is possible that you or someone in your household might damage the property of someone else. Most likely a neighbor. This provision will provide coverage for that. This provision does not cover any injuries sustained by yourself or your household. This means that the policy won’t cover any expenses if you injure yourself by slipping done the stairs. However, it will cover the costs if your kid breaks a neighbor’s glass window with a basketball.

The Coverage of Water Leaks in Mobile Home Insurance

The water leaks might are covered under mobile home insurance. However, only in certain cases. If there is a water pipe that froze over and burst during winter, then the insurance may pay for it. However, the policy will not pay for damages caused by a burst pipe due to negligence or lack of maintenance. Willful negligence does not warrant coverage under most policies, let alone a mobile home policy.

There is no coverage for flooding under this particular insurance policy. The owner can purchase a separate flood insurance policy if they must.

Various Other Considerations Under Mobile Home Insurance

There are certain coverage limits in this insurance policy. They are frequently based on the following;

  • The replacement cost
  • The actual cash value

This allows the policy to determine a maximum amount limit which the policy will pay out. This is why it is prudent for buyers to adjust their policies based on the current mobile home values.

There is one most important thing to consider in a mobile home policy. This policy does not provide coverage if the mobile home is in transit. Remember that!

Get Access to Mobile Home Insurance

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