Valuable Articles Insurance

An individual may have many kinds of Valuable Articles Insurance. It could be something with a significant monetary value. Like jewelry, antiques, paintings etc. Or it could something with an emotional value. Like your grandfather’s Red Cross from World War 2. It could even be personal memorabilia, like an ancient arrowhead you found while trekking through old Aztec ruins.

Coverage for such personal artifacts is never easy. Yet we at SG Financial Inc do offer a Valuable Articles Insurance comprehensive package for such items. Our exclusive Collectibles program is for those customers for whom Homeowner’s Insurance is not enough.

However, there will be certain limitations even in such lucrative packages. If the items are broken accidentally or by an ‘act of god’ such as an earthquake. They will not be claimed in coverage.

antiques and collectible

Valuable Insurance Highlights:

  • Up to $15 Million Property Limit
  • Personal Transit and Shipping Coverage Included
  • Dealer Coverage Extends to Consignments
  • Nationwide Availability
  • Coverage Available for Personal Collection Consisting of Antiques and Collectibles
  • Dealer Inventory Consisting of Antiques and Collectible available

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