Vacant Home Insurance

In Vacant Home Insurance Policy there are several reasons people might leave their homes vacant. Maybe they are waiting to sell the property and have already moved out into the new home. Rich people often buy multiple properties just for the sake of investments, because we all know, real estate is one thing in which value almost always increases with time. Many people in the upper social strata keep multiple houses usually for vacation or a retreat, such as a beach front house, or a cabin in the mountains.

Vacant houses usually pose more problem than the occupied ones. There are a lot of things which can go wrong. Acts of vandalism, accidental fire, liability are potentially serious situations in Vacant Home Insurance Policy. Intruders may even get hurt by slipping over a rusted fence, or by trying to break through a glass window. In such cases they may even be able to file a claim against you for negligence even though you are not the one in the wrong.

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That is why, where other insurance companies may be hesitant, we at SG Financial Inc. offer easy coverage for vacant properties. We have comprehensive policies to allow you to feel safe for your properties.

Since no one lives there, Some typical homeowners policies won’t cover these types of risks on a vacant property, but vacant home insurance is an option for you.


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