Things to Consider When Buying Mobile Home Insurance Services

As the name suggests, Manufactured or Mobile Home Insurance Services are for a Mobile Home. A Mobile Home is a place of residence for an individual or a family which can be moved from one place to another. It is a portable form of living where ownership of the land is not necessary. A mobile home is usually used by those individuals or families who are too poor to afford a proper house. Some travel enthusiasts also use this mode of living, despite having comfortable financial situation. Special circumstances may encourage people to live in portable homes as well.

Circumstances where Mobile Homes might be used

They are used extensively on movie sets. For example, if shooting is going on in Mojave Desert, the production company will just buy a fleet of Mobile Homes for the crew, instead of looking rental living arrangements in the desert. Crazy fans sometimes follow a music band all around the county in a mobile home on a tour. Sports teams also use mobile homes when going on tours. All these parties are liable to purchase Mobile Home Insurance Services.

Necessity of Mobile Home Insurance Services

Mobile Homes are even more prone to accidents and suffering damages than normal homes. That is because their mobility places them in a far riskier environment. Travelling on the road, Public Parking etc. increase the risk for an accident, vandalism and theft. These homes are usually also made of less sturdy material as compared to regular homes, since they are made to be temporarily used. That is why acquiring services from a mobile home insurance company is absolutely essential. Mobile Home Insurance Services provide a protection against a number of scenarios where your home might suffer damages.

Differences Between Homeowner’s Insurance and Mobile Home Insurance Companies

  • The main difference between mobile home insurance services and a standard home insurance policy is that the coverage may be needed during transportation. Understandably, a standard homeowner’s insurance does not provide coverage in mid-transport. Whereas, a car insurance does not cover a mobile home. If you feel the need for this kind of coverage, ask the insurance provider to add this clause to the contract.
  • When a mobile home is delivered for installation on specified location, it may not have all the amenities. Electricity, plumbing etc. will take time to set up. Best Mobile Home Insurance Companies help you to figure out how to cover these situations. A regular Homeowner’s insurance does not concern itself with such problems. This is because a proper house does not require installation of such amenities under insurance coverage.

List of Coverage’s

There are some specialized type of risks that are covered by Mobile Home Insurance Services automatically. Whereas, these coverage’s would have to be specifically asked for in a regular homeowner’s insurance. This coverage comes from the inherent belief that mobile homes are inherently at more risk from these factors.

  • Coverage from Earthquake
  • Flood Coverage
  • Coverage from Hurricanes and Windstorms
  • Coverage for the damages from a wild animal attack
  • Trip Coverage to move from one location to another
  • Coverage for Sewer Backup

Things to ask your Moving Home Insurance Policies Provider

Following are some of the things you must remember to ask from your insurance provider. These options are not always included in regular mobile home insurance services, but they can be added as extra clause. Progressive mobile home insurance providers try to inform of these components to the clients themselves. You must ask the insurance provider when these things may be delivered or if you might need them:

  • Coverage for Damage from burst pipes
  • Coverage for other water damage
  • Additional living expenses insurance
  • Replacement cost insurance
  • Coverage for personal belongings and contents
  • Options for Scheduled Personal Property and any special limits for contents
  • Any matching siding endorsements
  • Coverage for Debris removal
  • Landscaping Coverage, such as plating trees, lawns etc.
  • Coverage for additional buildings, such as garage, shed etc.
  • Identity theft protection
  • Credit card fraud

Where to find Insurance

Almost all major insurance providing agencies have some programs available for Assurant mobile home insurance. You can individually check with them their available packages to see which one suits you best. Additionally, you can also compare their prices. You can choose the cheapest option available with maximum coverage. You can also see of your existing insurance provider has a policy to accommodate you.

Proximity is an issue which plays a more crucial role in mobile home insurance services than any other insurance. If I were in your place, I would choose a provider of mobile home insurance near me.

Depreciation of Property

Do not forget to ask your insurance provider if the value of home determined will depreciate over time. People forget to ask about this kind of clause and assume there is no depreciation involved. This is a big mistake. As every property, whether in the form of a moving home or a land-based building, everything is subject to depreciation. You should also ensure to learn more about Actual Cash Value vs Replacement Cost. It may prove beneficial in the long run.

Why SG Financial INC

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