Term Life

There is one fundamental difference between life insurance and term insurance. Term Life Insurance Plans provides coverage for a specific period of time in your life, or “term”, such as 10, 20, or 30 years.

If something happens to you during that term period, your loved ones can be financially protected.

If not, your policy simply expires at the end of the term.

By providing protection against the loss of income, term life insurance can help ensure that your family’s quality of life is preserved.

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More Affordable option Compared to Whole or Universal Term Life Insurance Plans

Term life doesn’t build cash value and is therefore generally less expensive than permanent coverage. This makes it a good choice for young families just starting out or people who only need protection for a certain time period. Especially those working in hazardous environments, such as a soldier in the time of war, or as a deep-sea explorer etc.

Financial security for big life events

You can use term life insurance to help cover specific financial obligations that may disappear over time.

For example, use a 30-year term life insurance policy to ensure a 30-year mortgage can be paid in full, or choose coverage that lasts long enough to help pay for college tuition or wedding expenses.

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