Workers Compensations

There are many jobs that may pose a high risk of injury to the worker.

  • A mine worker is always at a risk of getting buried deep underground if the passage collapses.
  • A deep-sea diver may find himself fending off persistent sharks or piranhas while being stranded.
  • A construction worker is at a risk of slipping and falling down from a high rise building in a metropolis.
  • A chemist working on some dangerous biological strain may find himself infected with virtually no cure
  • A journalist reporting from a war-torn area may find himself getting captured by terrorists and held hostage for ransom.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance provides your workers recompense for lost wages. It also covers medical costs for injuries or illnesses contracted due to or on the job.
This service is only offered after signing a contract which prevents the employee from suing the employer on tort negligence. The immunity from prosecution and advantages to the workers is a way for both parties to keep happy.

This policy can also be used to cover deaths on the job.
In US, some form of worker’s compensation is mandatory by the law. The specifics vary from state to state.
SG Inc. CPA provides its clients with adequate information and service if they wish to employ its services for this policy.


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