Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance could be described an auxiliary of Liability Insurance. Its coverage goes beyond the usual limits of Home Insurance, Auto Insurance or Watercraft Insurance. It gives an additional layer of protection to the client who might find himself at risk of getting sued for damages caused to third party in the form of body injuries or property damage. It is also a protection against libel, slander, vandalism and invasion of privacy.

It is entirely possible that if you are sued and lose the case, the amount court has determined you have to pay exceeds the limits of your usual coverages. In such cases Umbrella Insurance will cover you.

It is especially useful for those individuals who own lots of assets that are at a risk of being sued. They might also own several dangerous things that may cause injuries, such as swimming pools, trampoline, dogs etc.

We at SG Inc. CPA have plenty of experience dealing with such extra liability coverage. We can provide you with plenty of protection for things at a risk in your possession whether they be for personal use of professional. We can also offer honest advice to you about if you really are in need of this coverage or not.


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