General Liability

Liability in the corporate language covers a wide range of issues that may or may not have the potential to arise in the future. These issues may simply become an inconvenience or become a full-blown hazard to the continuation of your company if not taken care of properly.

There is always a risk to third party, however negligible, to suffer directly or directly because of your business.

  • An individual may slip and hit their head on slippery floor in a bodega you own.
  • A customer in your restaurant may find himself choking after eating something that induces allergy.
  • A product made by your company, such as a toaster, may shock a customer when trying to use and cause electrical burns.

These are but some of the examples that fall under liability.
The General Liability Insurance provides your coverage for the costs of liability claims made against you or your business. It helps cover your court costs as well as the monetary sum granted to a claimant by the court if the judgement is not ruled in your favor.

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