Commercial Auto

Automobiles are prone to accidents. They can cause damage to you, to your surroundings, and to the third-party bystanders who have no business being damaged. It is true that automobiles by their very nature are a necessity, yes, but they are also a dangerous necessity.

There are very few people among those who regularly make use of automobiles who can say with absolute confidence that they have never been a part of an accident. At this point it is just considered a part of life by many. Measures are of course taken to avoid the accidents as much as possible. But the reduction of risk to absolute zero is nigh impossible.

Commercial Auto Insurance is the kind of policy which protects its clients from physical damage, several liability coverages and payable monetary support to victim third parties. As the word Commercial dictates, the primary coverage of this policy gears towards vehicles used for commercial purposes. Such as trucks used by FedEx for mail transport, Fleet of Limousines used by rental services etc.

SG Inc. CPA can easily cover a client in need of commercial auto insurance. We have extensive experience to provide you with excellent service.


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