Important Things to Consider When Buying Vacant Home Insurance

Important Things to Consider When Buying Vacant Home Insurance

Vacant home insurance is also called Unoccupied home insurance. This is a tough time for everyone. United States has quickly become the nation with the number of most affected individuals in this pandemic. Keeping the current circumstances in mind, a vacant home insurance in corona virus outbreak is more important than ever before.

This insurance is usually availed by people who travel a lot, or have the ownership of more than one houses. COVID-19 lock-down has severely limited all activities. People are bound to their residences and cannot leave until the threat of infection remains. If, for instance, a traveler is stuck in a foreign city, state or even a country, vacant home insurance will keep their minds at ease. They will be content in the knowledge that any damages the house may have suffered during their absence will be easily covered by it.

Coverage Parameters of a Vacant Home Insurance

This Insurance services provide coverage for an uninhabited house. It provides protection against any damages the house may suffer in the absence of owners, such as fire, vandalism, liability etc.

Importance of Vacant Home Insurance in Corona virus Outbreak

It is highly recommended that purchase vacant home insurance if you plan to leave your property unattended for 30 days or more. Homeowner’s policies usually decry a claim if it is made on a vacant house. People who are stuck somewhere other than their home because of corona virus lock-down can benefit from this policy. Any damages sustained by their property in their absence will be covered. Moreover, this can be equally beneficial for those who own more than one house. Even they cannot check their extra properties during this lock-down. If the property sustains any damages in their absence, they will be covered for.

Difference between the terms ‘Unoccupied’ and ‘Vacant’

The term ‘unoccupied’ refers to a house which is ready for residential purposes. It is fully furnished with all the utilities set up.

The term ‘vacant’ refers to a house which is not yet ready for residential purposes. It is completely empty and has no furniture or utilities.

Vacant houses usually pose a higher risk to a typical vacant home insurance company. In case of an incident they are statistically less likely to be reported quickly. A house being declared vacant or unoccupied has an effect on premium rates of your insurance.

Fee for Vacant Home Insurance

This policy could be up to 50% more expensive than a regular homeowner’s insurance policy. To get an idea, consider that an average homeowner’s insurance policy requires payment of around $1,083 in a year.

Methods for Cost Mitigation

This insurance could be considered an expensive coverage. However, there are simple methods which buyers can use to mitigate the costs;

  • They can ask a neighbor to stop by the vacant house every few days to see if nothing is wrong.
  • They can up to date keep the security measures, such as fire alarm, security cameras, smoke alarm etc.

There are plenty of discount opportunities for those wishing to avail this coverage through such preventative measures. There is no guideline to it so the insurance companies deal with them on a case by case basis. Ask the insurance provider for clarification and guidance.

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