Group / Business Health Insurance

We Provide Group Health Insurance Plans to a group of people. The package is designed to include multiple people who fall into the same category, while receiving the uniform benefits to all. Usually the group comprises of a company’s employees, or it could be members of an organization, such as a worker’s union. The members of this policy receive their healthcare coverage at a fairly reduced cost because the risk to insurer is reduced significantly by spreading it across multiple policyholders.

Group Health Insurance Plans is one of the most important decisions you make for your company or organization.

Many companies use the health package benefits to lure the talented cream of the crop employees to them.

Group Health Insurance Plans

You can put an end to rising health insurance costs. Insurance plan from our top carriers will help you boost your bottom line and help keep your employees healthy. Don’t spend another year spending big money on health coverage for your business. You can simply employ our services to avail Group Health Insurance and secure your company’s future at a much-reduced cost.

At SG Financial Inc we serve both Small Business Groups (2-50) and Large Business Groups (50+). We have comprehensive packages to accommodate all based on their needs.

Why choose us

Outstanding Customer Support

Our clients Call Us to resolve problems or answer their questions. Your employees will appreciate the individual attention they receive from our qualified staff. Our people will guide them through any and all queries they may have so they can make better and informed decisions.

Constant Administration

We do it all. Enrollments, Cancellations, Employee Education, and much more. Just let us know when you hire a new employee or have a termination, and we will take care of the rest.

Dedicated Service and Outgoing Support

We provide support to help you manage the day-to-day maintenance of your health insurance plan. We keep in touch with our clients throughout the year, not just at the renewal time. That is how we remain up to date, and ready in case of an emergency.


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