Fidelity Bonds Insurance

Fidelity Bonds Insurance are a way for businesses to safeguard themselves against a dishonest employee’s machinations. This form of insurance provides a protection to the policyholders to compensate for the losses they might suffer from by fraudulent acts of specified individuals.
We offer surety solutions to individuals and businesses seeking to be ‘bonded’.
Fidelity bonds Insurance are frequently referred to as business services or employee dishonesty bonds.

In most cases, fidelity bonds, aside from ERISA bonds, are not mandated by any City, County, State of Federal Municipality. Nonetheless, they are maintained by individuals and companies as a means of providing an added assurance to their clients as being a ‘bonded’ individual or entity. Fidelity bonds are also a wise business protection against employee theft and/or dishonest acts.

Fidelity Bonds Insurance

Common Fidelity Bonds

The most common types of business services/fidelity bonds are as follows:

  • Employee Dishonesty (fidelity policies under $100,000)
  • Commercial Crime (fidelity policies over $100,000)
  • ERISA/Pension Bonds
  • ERISA/Pension Bonds

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