Does Boats Insurance Cover Lower Unit Damage?

Does Boat Insurance Cover Lower Unit Damage?

Boats and Watercraft Insurance is a necessity for engaging in safe water-based travel on personal boats. There are huge bodies of water in the State of Texas. It has a long coastline along the Gulf Coast. Moreover, it has over 14,500 square kilometers of inland water. This amount of water bodies gives Texas the largest amount of inland water of the contiguous 48 States. These numerous water sources provide a huge space for recreational water sports; which includes boating with boats and jet skis.

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Boating is a lot of fun and many families indulge in this activity. Many do this for pleasure, while others for business. Boating is similar to driving; as such, it carries equal, if not more risk. One must always be wary of water, for it is deadly to those who disrespect it. This is the main reason why boating in Texas always comes with its own share of risks. That is why, the State requires all boat users to follow strict operational requirements. Moreover, the chances to take to the water require the availability of a boats and watercraft insurance.

Boats and Watercraft Insurance in Texas

In Texas, there is no law which makes it mandatory for boat owners to carry a boats and watercraft insurance. However, that does not mean that you can ignore buying it. There are countless benefits for the boat owners for carrying this policy. Regardless of legal mandate, you must acquire it before setting sail. It is our heartfelt advice, never go sailing without boat and watercraft insurance.

The boat owners often face similar risks as the automobile owners. When you operate a vehicle, you might cause some damage to it by accident. Or, you might cause damage to others’ personal property, or inflict physical injuries. All these incidents can cause huge bills in repairs or liabilities. 

Boats and Watercraft Coverage in Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

Many people rely on a Homeowner’s insurance policy for coverage of their boats. While it is true that there is a measure of protection for your watercraft in a Homeowner’s policy. However, the scope of such policy is very limited as compared to a separate dedicated boats and watercraft insurance policy.

A Homeowner’s Policy;

  • Only provides a limited coverage for watercraft boats. The coverage parameters for boat damage in particular scenarios are also quite limited. You will not receive coverage for the damage boat for every scenario.
  • Does not include the liability coverage for the boat and watercraft.
  • Can not protect from all the potential risks to your boat.

There are specific boat insurance services which provide coverage for a much wider range of potential risks. Like every other insurance policy, it also might contain some exclusions. However, it can still devote much more substantial sum of funds for the coverage of damages compared to Homeowner’s policy.

Liability Coverage in Boats and Watercraft Insurance

Liability coverage is one of the most important aspects of majority of insurance policies. Similarly, the liability coverage is an essential part of boats and watercraft insurance. The policy can provide protection if you cause property damage or physical injury to a third party.

It can help the victims of the accident in an at-fault accident. Additionally, it can help in the settlement of legal claims, as well as the medical bills. Liability coverage is just one example which is only provided by dedicated insurance. In conclusion, a homeowner’s policy does not provide it. Typically, a small watercraft carries less liability.

Various Other Boat Owner Qualifications in Texas
  • You can reduce a lot of potential liability risks by operating your boat lawfully.
  • Every boat in Texas must carry a proper title and registration to operate.
  • Only 13-year old’s and above can operate a boat alone.
  • A boat operator must complete and pass a boaters education, according to Texas law.
  • All boat operators must carry photo identification and operational certificate on their person.
Lower Unit Damage in Boats and Watercraft Insurance

Damage to the Lower Unit is a significant matter for boat owners everywhere. The damage to lower unit can occur due to many different causes. Watercraft and Boat Insurance policies provide coverage depending on specific circumstances which caused the damage. That is why there is no way to say for sure if your lower unit damage will have coverage.

  • Not every insurance policyholder replaces the old parts for the new ones after a loss. Therefore, majority of the policyholders repair with aftermarket or rebuilt parts. That’s why it is a good idea to ask your insurance provider their ‘Basis of Claim Settlement’ clause. It will help verify what the insurance provider will cover for you.
  • Your lower unit can get damage from simple wear and tear. Such deterioration is quite natural and occurs because of ordinary, everyday use of the boat. The teeth of the propeller shaft might wear off with time. The propeller could stop turning altogether due to the accumulated rust and deterioration. Such breakdown has coverage in the mechanical breakdown portion of a Boats and Watercraft Insurance policy.
  • The functionality in the output of a certain part could decline in its performance. It could result in diminishing outcomes. The propeller could have an intermittent hesitation due to the wear and tear of teeth on the propeller shaft. In other words, it may cause vibrations, which will affect smoothness of a ride. The cost of a replacement for propeller shaft will not have coverage under this endorsement. The coverage will only activate when the propeller stops turning completely. Coverage for partial damage rarely passes.
Acquire the Best Boats and Watercraft Insurance in Texas

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