DMV Bonds

A DMV Bond is a kind of Permit Surety Bond. It specifically targets automobiles and their respective government department. The DMV Bonds save the customers from any fraudulent act that may be inflicted upon them by their dealer. A DMV Bond is also needed in case the original title of vehicle is lost, or if it was never received in the first place.

We specialize in the various bonds required by the State Department of Motor Vehicles. Our dedicated staff of service experts guarantees expeditious service and low rates for your DMV bond.

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The most commonly required DMV bonds are as follows:

Defective Title

Defective or lost title bonds are required for individuals seeking title to a vehicle which has become subjected to theft, or is otherwise unobtainable for some unforeseeable yet out of your control reason.

DMV Bonds Dealer

Motor Vehicle Dealer bonds are a mandatory requirement by individuals and companies in the business of selling vehicles, motorcycles, all terrain vessels, etc.

Driving School

DMV Driving School bonds are required by persons or businesses that offer or provide instruction on traffic safety.

Registration Service

Surety bonds are often required by individuals and/or companies who perform vehicle/vessel registration services on behalf of the DMV.

Vehicle Versifier

Motor Vehicle Engine/Verifies bonds are often required by persons and/or companies who verify vehicle/vessel documentation against the physical inspection of the vehicle.


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