Court Bonds

Court mandated Bonds is a fixed amount of dollars. That must be paid to the court by the defendant who is charged with a crime. This amount varies with the crime. And sometimes also depends on the financial situation of the defendant. The purpose of paying a court bond is to ensure the defendant would not try to run away from justice. And come back to the court if allowed to go free. If for nothing else then at least his money being kept as hostage. In most severe cases, the court bond is often denied. Such as in the case of a homicide.

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The major categories for these bonds are as follows:

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Probate/Fiduciary bonds are required by the probate court, for administrators/executors, conservators/guardianships, trustees, and receivers in matters, where a person is managing the financial interest of another. This bond guarantees a fiduciary will perform their duties diligently, and in accordance with the applicable laws and court orders.

Judicial/Court Bonds

Court mandated Bonds requirements are set forth in legal proceedings, and are subdivided between plaintiff and defendant bonds. Examples of plaintiff’s bonds are attachment/possession, claim and delivery, costs, garnishment, indemnity to sheriff, injunction and replevin bonds. Defendant bonds include, but are not limited to appeal bonds, counter replevin, release of lien, supersedeas, and stay of execution bonds.


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