General liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance

If there is one thing you should always adhere to is, “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst”. In any business, there is always a risk of getting sued. No one is prepared for it until it happens. All that hard work you have put into establishing your business comes crashing down in front of your eyes. The result of all your blood, sweat, and tears comes crumbling down because you were caught flat-footed for an eventuality that statistically had a high chance of occurring, but you took no preparations for it. You can be sued for negligence, personal injury, libel, slander, errors, omissions, faulty products, advertising misprints, or any number of other reasons.

Professional Liability Insurance

Usually works for individuals who provide professional service or advice. A client might suffer damages as a result of these services whether directly or indirectly. The resulting fallout from these damages may result in a lawsuit that incurs restitution costs. Taking insurance for this possibility allows individuals to not bear the full cost of damages awarded in the lawsuit. It is required by law in certain practices due to the possibility of risk involved in them. Some accusations by unsatisfied clientele also turn out to be baseless or outright false.

Insurance for Business Owners

Business Owner Policy

"Business Property" and ‘Business Liability’ are two critical business coverage. Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) (Insurance for Business Owners) combines the two into one policy. It protects you from accidental damage, theft, civil lawsuits, etc. This policy is structured in an ever-evolving way. To accommodate your needs depending on the changes in the market atmosphere.

It is the package which covers Insurance for Business Owners. For all the property you own, rent or lease through your business.

Commercial Auto Insurance / Business Auto Insurance

It is of paramount importance for a business owner. To avail commercial auto insurance coverage for the automobile. They use for personal travel. Which covers liability, collision, comprehensive, medical payments. It doesn’t matter if the same vehicle is used for work and pleasure. You only need to make sure that instead of your own name. The name of your business, corporation appears on the policy as principally insured. This foresight allows you to avoid confusion. In case a claim is filed by or against you.

Commercial Auto Insurance
Hired Auto Coverage

Hired Auto Coverage

This policy is basically targeted towards automobiles, which are rented or borrowed for an operation of your business. Hired auto coverage liability covers bodily injury and/or property damage caused by a vehicle you hire. The policy also includes damage caused by vehicles not owned directly by your business such as vehicles owned by others or the ones owned by your employees.

Usually, this policy does not pay for any damage to the vehicle itself because that falls under the owner’s insurance. through your business. Not only is your building covered. But also every piece of equipment. Which it contains such as furniture, electronic or mechanical tools, and other fixtures.

Property Insurance

It protects your business site from anything ranging from accidental fire, theft, sabotage, and even damage occurring from natural elements. Its coverage is not limited only to the building, but also the equipment, furniture, tools, electronics, etc. Loss of accounts, loss of data, computers are covered by this policy as well. If the operations of the business are suspended due to such losses may result in loss of income, if not for this insurance policy. Business owners can customize the policy to suit their own needs and demands by adding extra protection into the compendium.


Umbrella Insurance

It is a policy which exceeds beyond the normal limits of insurance parameters. In simplest of terms, it is an additional layer of coverage security that provides protection if all the normal insurance monetary pools of funds fall short of the claimed amount, that extra amount is covered by umbrella insurance then.

Umbrella policies provide extra coverage starting from $1 million, and up. These policies pay when your basic coverage runs out. In other words, the insurance company that sold you the umbrella policy only has to pay claims if those claims exceed your basic coverage.

Workers Compensation Insurance

There are several types of businesses which might force employees to work in situations. Which may be harmful to them. Construction workers or mini diggers are the chief examples of employments. Where there is a very high risk of getting accidentally injured. Accidents are also not the only harmful element in some lines of work. The employees may even be at risk for contracting a terminal illness due to the work environment. Such as a chemist working for a pharmaceutical company on the cure for a viral disease. May find himself infected along the way.

General liability Insurance

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