Commercial Auto Insurance / Business Auto Insurance

It is of paramount importance for a business owner. To avail commercial auto insurance coverage for the automobile. They use for personal travel. Which covers liability, collision, comprehensive, medical payments. It doesn’t matter if the same vehicle is used for work and pleasure. You only need to make sure that instead of your own name. The name of your business, corporation appears on the policy as principally insured. This foresight allows you to avoid confusion. In case a claim is filed by or against you.

The specifics of such a policy are determined by the kind of driving you. Or your employees do in your business. It includes mentioning all the details that may seem trivial. Such as the kind of vehicles used and who will the drivers be. Or if your employees will be provided automobiles by your business. Or will they be utilizing their own personal vehicles.

commercial auto insurance

Putting the Brakes on Damages:

An auto misfortune can expose your business to unhealthy exposure. Putting its assets at perfectly avoidable risk. As the business owner, you may even find yourself personally liable without the right insurance policy. A loss of cars, vans, trucks or any specialty vehicles can hinder your business operations. And hurt business relationships with your hard-won clientele. Accidents can potentially damage your reputation. They can put in question your concern for employee and public safety.

Extra Protection without Additional Costs

The commercial auto insurance provides extra protection. To your business at no additional cost, including:

Hired Auto Physical Damage

Hired or borrowed vehicles can be covered for up to $100,000 for physical damage. As long as these vehicles have liability coverage. And your vehicles carry physical damage coverage.

Lease or Loan Gap Coverage

If there is a discrepancy between the value of the vehicle. And the amount owed to the leaseholder, this coverage helps fill that gap.

Electronic Equipment Coverage

Electronic devices or auxiliaries like a GPS tracker, DVD player or a Camera are covered up to $1,500. With the only condition being these devices are permanently installed.

Efficient Claim Service

In case of an accident. A team can immediately be mobilized from our nearest claims service center to the required location. This team will be fully equipped to handle expedition of your claim. They will also evaluate potential business exposure. And handle all the details. These packages and services are available to mid-size and large businesses.

Programs and Services available to mid-size and large businesses:

Fleet Ahead

This program uses telematics and real-time data. To help fleet owners identify risk and prevent accidents. Participating companies can get a 15% discount on their premiums.

Risk Engineering

We provide fleet owners in-depth analysis of your company’s driver safety records. We can also help you pinpoint root causes of accidents. And formulate strategies to avoid them.

Commercial Auto Insurance Principles of 3D Driving

Under risk engineering organization. We can help you instruct your drivers. Via the help of visually stimulating animation 3-D Driving. We can teach them how to Drive Decisively, Defensively and Dependably. While the major coverage is the same. A business auto policy differs from a personal auto policy in many technical respects. Ask your insurance agent to explain all the differences and options.


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