Two Critical Coverages - One Convenient Policy

‘Business Property’ and ‘Business Liability’ are two critical business coverage. Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) (Insurance for Business Owners) combines the two into one policy. It protects you from accidental damage, theft, civil lawsuits, etc. This policy is structured in an ever-evolving way. To accommodate your needs depending on the changes in market atmosphere.

Business Owners Policy Insurance:

It is the package which covers Insurance for Business Owners. For all the property you own, rent or lease through your business. Not only is your building covered. But also every equipment. Which it contains such as furniture, electronic or mechanical tools and other fixtures. Any damage to soft copy records, damaged computers, loss of records is also covered in it.

Insurance for Business Owners

Business Liability Coverage:

It is a good foresight on the part of those individuals. Who chose as much a broader scope of liability protection as possible. That is why we at SG Financial provide you with a business liability insurance. That gives you protection if your business is, albeit inadvertently, responsible for causing harm to people or property. This includes the coverage of the cost of defense if there is a civil lawsuit.

Loss of Business Income:

If by happenstance your business operations are suspended due to loss of income. Through whatever means, we can help you through BOP Insurance. In those trying times by continuing to meet your outstanding financial obligations. Such as rent or payroll.

Data Breach Coverage:

This is an optional choice offered by us. If you accept then we can give you access to a professional team. Who will guide you how to not only prevent a data breach. But also how to handle the situation if it may occur. We can also advise you how to comply with regulatory requirements. Our team can quickly respond to your customer base by sending notifications to restore their shaken confidence in you. We can also cover any costs for good faith advertising.

Professional Liability Coverage:

Also known as Errors and Omissions (E & O). By adding Professional Liability coverage to your BOP Insurance. We can help protect your business from any claims of negligence, error or omission in the services provided by your business. Unfortunately, there are people who might even resort to making false claims in their erroneous judgment in order to sue you.

Other Options:

We offer customizing options to certain businesses. So they may enjoy our services. Uniquely designed to minimize their unique potential risk scenarios. These packages can be availed by any small or mid-sized business. Whom cannot afford full BOP Insurance or deem a few policies redundant.

BOPs Include:

We offer two different forms of; Standard and Special, to cover property insurance. Mainly targeting buildings and their contents. Which are owned by your company.
Business interruption insurance offers coverage for income loss by an accident. Such as fire, or any other such disruption inducing incident. The expense of operating out of temporary locale are included within.
Liability protection on the other hand covers any inadvertent potential harm. Which can be caused by your business. This harm can be precipitated in many forms such as; bodily injury, property damage, faulty installations etc.
BOPs (Business Owners Policy) however, do not cover professional liability, auto insurance, worker’s compensation or health and disability insurance. These services are covered under entirely separate policies.


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