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SG Financial Inc. is an independent insurance agency owned. And operated in the Dallas, Texas area. It takes pride in serving local businesses and individuals. Most businesses in Dallas area need the commercial property insurance in some way. SG Financials enables you to find the ideal plan to match your personal requirements. It does not matter whether you have the perfect history or not. They will do their best to find out where you stand in the spectrum. And find the right coverage for you. It is also attempt to make possibly. One of the most economical offers to you. Which will save your money. There will be no additional charges, nor hidden ones. All of the cards will be put on the table. And no deception will be allowed. On wither the insurer or the insurance company’s part.

SG Financials will provide property insurance claims for buildings, equipment, inventory and other business-related auxiliaries. They are partnered with top-rated insurance carriers to offer policies. That meet the demands. And needs of many different types of Dallas based businesses.

Customization of Commercial Property Insurance

Every business is different in its services, products, marketing strategies, target audience and many more factors. That is why the requirements for each business are also different. The ‘one size fits all’ policy does not appear suitable in most cases. Even if two different businesses offer the same service or a product. Such as two different saloons for men. The business owners will still think differently. That how to better propagate their business. And make it more successful. That is why SG Financials puts so much emphasis. On customization of Commercial Property insurance packages.

There are many different options available. For those who seek insurance. Among these options they can readily find. Almost all their supposed ideas. Some of the more common coverage options include;

General Liability Insurance.

It offers a wide range of protection for the business owner, such as;

Bodily Injury.

This includes the cost of healthcare. Coverage of pay due to absence caused by injuries. And restitution for any deaths that may occur in line of duty.

Property Damage.

It covers the damage that is caused to the property. That may or may not render those premises. Uninhabitable or unsuitable for continued business operations.

Liability Protection.

It covers any injury or illness that may occur from the use of service. Or a product of a business. It also protects from any lawsuit. That would be filed upon your business. After a user of your service or product suffers from some kind of loss.

Professional Liability Insurance.

Professional Liability Insurance protects an individual who offers some kind of a service or an advice. Such as an attorney, from lawsuits. After a client suffers from some kind of fallout due to the advice. Or service provided by said individual. This insurance service is also required by law in Texas.

Business Owner’s Policy.

Business Owner’s Policy protects a business owner from accidental damage, theft, civil lawsuits etc. It covers all the property a business owns, rents or leases. Not only that, but it also covers all the equipment found under said property. Including furniture, soft copy records, damaged computers, other electronic or mechanical tools.

Commercial Auto Insurance.

Commercial Auto Insurance provides coverage for any automobile used in the operation of the business. Or just registered in the name of said business. It covers any liability from collision. Including damage to the automobile. And medical payments for the injuries sustained as a result of the collision.

Hired Auto Coverage.

Hired Auto Coverage provides the coverage for the bodily injury. Or the property damage. Caused by a vehicle which has been hired for your business operations. Such as a limousine for transportation, or a truck for moving the products.

Commercial Property Insurance.

Commercial Property Insurance is the most widely recognized form of insurance. Which provides coverage to your business site. From anything ranging from accidental fire, theft, fire, sabotage. And even damage occurring from natural disasters. Like storms, forest fires and floods etc. Its coverage is not just limited to the loss of or damage done to the property. But also all the equipment present on the business premises. such as, equipment, tools, furniture, electronics etc.

Umbrella Insurance.

Umbrella Insurance is an additional level of protection. On top of all the other insurance policies a business owner has already gotten. It is a safety net for the business owners. In case the losses are so vast. That they cannot be covered by the aforementioned policies alone. And exceed their coverage range.

Workers Compensation Insurance.

There are several businesses which employ workers compensation Insurance. Who may be exposed to harmful elements on a regular basis. Such as a construction company which frequently works in high rise buildings. Any accidents occurred which may cause injuries or death to the employees. Or any terminal illnesses contracted by the employees in the line of business. Such as heavy metal poisoning to mine workers, will be covered under this policy.

If you own or operate a business in the Dallas, Texas area. Make sure you have sufficient commercial insurance coverage. Visit SG Financial Inc. today to learn more. Or to schedule an appointment with one of our risk-management experts. As it is the best commercial property insurance company you will find.

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